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  • 企業資質
    公司具有市政公用工程總承包壹級、建筑裝飾裝修工程設計與施工貳級、建筑裝飾裝修,房屋建筑施工總承包、城市園林綠化、土石方專業承包資質,榮獲“蕭山區市政公用施工企業信用等級評價優秀企業”、“浙江省工商企業信用AA級‘守合同重信用’單位”、杭州市“西湖杯”等榮譽。連續多年被杭州市人民政府授權為AAA級企業,并被杭州聯合銀行等多個銀行機構多次評選為“最佳合作伙伴”,“優質客戶” “重合同、守信用單位”。連續四年入選市政府承包商名錄。
    The Company has the grade-A general-contracting qualification of municipal and public works, grade-B design and construction qualification of construction and decoration engineering, general-contracting qualification of construction, decoration and house building construction, professional contracting qualification of urban garden greening and earthwork. The Company has won such honors as “excellent enterprise of credit rating for municipal and public works construction enterprises in Xiaoshan District”, “unit of ‘abiding by the contract and focusing on good faith’ with grade AA credit for industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province”, “‘West Lake Cup’ in Hangzhou City” and so on. The Company has been appraised to be a grade AAA enterprise by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government for many years continuously. In addition, the Company has been appraised to be “a best partner”, “a high-quality client”, “a unit abiding by the contract and focusing on good faith” by several banks (such as Hangzhou United Bank and so on) for several times. The Company has been incorporated into the directory of contractors prepared by the Municipal Government for four years continuously.